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Building Safety Register Laptop and Desktop
Building Safety Register Golden Thread Process Wheel

What is the Golden Thread?

The Building Safety Act places a legal duty on the Principal Accountable Person to create, obtain, store and share documents and information about their building in an electronic format.

A compliant Golden Thread must be electronic, accurate, intelligible, accessible, secure, portable and have effective change control. The Golden Thread spans the lifecycle of a building and supports the Building Safety Case for each building.

What we do

As a forward thinking compliance software company, we’re dedicated to simplifying the Golden Thread and we’re passionate about maintaining a single source of truth. 

Building Safety Register combines the information sharing requirements for the Building Safety Act and Fire Safety (England) Regulations.

Building Safety Register Platform

Easily upload and access building and floor plans, ensuring that all crucial data is readily available.

Store and manage essential building details, making it easier to retrieve information when needed.

Capture building summary details and record HRB and submission dates for each building.

Utilise our online form to capture external wall details, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Report faults, track rectifications, and maintain logs for a seamless compliance process.

Export narrative information for the regulator as your building safety case report.

With all your building safety evidence in one place, our user-friendly system allows you to manage and maintain comprehensive building safety information across your portfolio.

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